Meeting with Kristin, and one of the litter mates

We don’t have a name picked out yet.  But five days before meeting and bringing home the new member of our household, we went and spent an hour with Kristin, the one who will be guiding us, and one of the littermates of our puppy.  We don’t have a name yet picked out, though we’ve been batting around quite a few:  Bear, Ned, Ders, Bijou (we think it means “Bear” in some language), Finley, and some others.

It’s been awhile since we had a puppy.  The last time was, in fact, before we had kids.  Which was also before we had our second and third kids.  Which was before we found out Maggie had diabetes.  She was just about to start second grade.  The last puppy, and only puppy, we had was also before we found out Declan had diabetes, during spring break of his kindergarten year.

So we’ve learned a lot since our puppy, but it feels like we have a lot of balls in the air, with one kid in each level of school (elementary, middle, and high school), two with diabetes, two cats (when they choose to be pets), and two jobs).  We did it before, but things were much simpler then.

As you can imagine we had a lot of questions.  Where will he sleep?  What should we do when we first bring him home?  What kind of food?  How much food?  These are fairly straight forward questions for bringing a new puppy into your home, but we are bringing a puppy into our home to train to assist our two children with diabetes.  He will signal when either child has a low or a high blood sugar.  Don’t ask me how this is possible…yet.  More on that later.