Split paw

Jelly has Bear pretty much trained.

Jelly has Bear pretty much trained.

It was three days ago, just finishing our second week of being tethered together, when Bear went completely berserk. He’s done this before, running in circles, jumping on furniture, racing across the house, jumping on more furniture, racing out to a couch to leap onto and to the bedroom, doing laps around the room, which includes jumping up onto the bed and back down again. He hasn’t done this for a few months. He moved the couch three feet, jamming it up against the door, the last time he did this.

Panting from the burst of exercise, Bear settled down onto his bed. Jelly was allowing him to spend some time on his bed for good behavior. He had a spot of blood on his right paw. It was a weird spot to have blood, right on the top. I thought maybe a bobby-pin punctured the skin. There was also a fair amount of blood on the edge of the bed. Inspecting his right paw, I couldn’t find anything, but when I checked out his left paw, his pads underneath had big splits in them. You know in the summer when you spend a lot of time in the pool and your skin cracks under your toes? That’s what it looked like.

One of the pads had a huge gash in it. The other had a smaller slit. The big gash continued to bleed. Not sure what to do, I searched for advice on the internets. One site said to get to the vet so they could clean it out, make sure it isn’t infected, and wrap it up so it stays clean. And they mentioned something about the Elizabethan collar (cone of shame) to keep the bandage on. Another site gave directions on how to rinse the paw in Epsom salt, apply some ointment, and wrap it up to keep clean. Having just paid our Visa balance, I chose to go with the home treatment.

For about eight dollars I had all the supplies. I cleaned the paw, dried it, and applied the ointment before wrapping it. And Bear’s limp disappeared. Getting the dirt out of the open wound was a good thing. The problem was he didn’t like the wrap on his foot. After walking around without a limp, Bear settled down and made quick work of the wrap, pulling it off after wearing it for ten minutes.

Getting rid of the bandage.

Getting rid of the bandage.

I went through the process again, this time applying the Yuck-spray to the tape. This time it stayed on for about an hour mainly because he was in his crate for about 45 of the 60 minutes. After a day and a half of this I was restocking the medical supplies. Luckily I ran into a friend that told me to use Crazy glue. She claimed that it is the exact same thing as Second skin. It might burn real bad initially, but it is the best way to keep the wound clean.

The Crazy glue cost $4.99 and it is doing the job.

Live Alerts

Bear has been getting a bit better at alerting. He has alerted Grandma Kitty twice now. Both times she has stopped by after spin class. He has alerted Dec a few times, but he remains silent with Maggie. In fact, this morning she was low. She woke up at 62, but didn’t come upstairs for another 30 minutes. I didn’t know she was low. Welcome to having a teenager. She told me she was low as she was getting a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Bear came over and stretched and looked for some crumbs on the floor.

Instead of presenting an arm or leg for Bear to paw, I just watched him to see if he might pick up the scent. He didn’t notice anything and I’m beginning to trust him. Maggie checked her blood sugar again. She was 78, on the rise. And the meter tends to lag a bit, so maybe she was even higher.

I am coming around to Bear taking some of the burden off of us.


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