Camp 6 & 5

Fiona and Maggie catch some Z's on our way to breakfast

Fiona and Maggie catch some Z’s on our way to breakfast

We got up at 430 in the morning and were on the road by 445. Declan riding shotgun, Maggie and Fiona in the backseat, we made it to Roseburg’s Denny’s for breakfast with Grandma Estelle. She was driving north while we continued south.

Grandma Estelle would free Bear from his “I’m home alone” small room, and take him to Kristin’s for ten days of Bear camp. He was initially going to stay a week at Kristin’s, but he’d be home alone for two or three days with Heather working and the girls and I driving home, so we extended his camp for a few more days. Knowing how much Bear loves puppies and dogs and playing, I’m sure he will be sad to leave.

Bear posing with a Nerf bullet cigarette.

Bear posing with a Nerf bullet cigarette.

While Bear enjoyed himself at Dog-scent-training camp (yes, Kristin will be training him as well), we were all at Family Camp, in Newport Beach, celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday. All the descendants were there. With maximal sunscreen we had minimal burns. Hours in the sun and in the water were had.

About halfway through, anticipating his week at camp, Declan asked if he could visit Bear before going to camp. This coincided with Dec hoarding my phone. I thought he was downloading some game, but he was looking at pictures of Bear.

Camp 3 and 4

Declan and Heather drive to visit Bear and then on to Gales Creek Camp today. Maggie spent a week at Gales Creek in the middle of July. Declan will be there this week. Both Declan and Maggie spent three days there about five years ago. It is a camp for kids with diabetes. It has been around for 60 years. I believe that it was one of the first summer camps for kids with diabetes.

The stash going to Locks of Love

The stash going to Locks of Love

While Maggie was at camp we bribed Declan to cut his hair off. This was one of the two things on my “must do” summer list. The other “must do” item was getting Maggie to camp. So in one week I was able to check both off the list.

It took some gentle prodding and a bribe to get Declan to give up his locks. Declan stealthily maneuvered between Heather and I, maximizing revenues. In the end it is worth it. Heather already reminisces his long hair. I scoff at this. That rat’s nest was unbearable to manage (and didn’t look so good), though the older ladies loved it.

Breakfast at Denny's

Breakfast at Denny’s

It is really nice to see his face unfettered by frizzy hair.

Camp 2 and 1

I spent the better part of a week running Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL@PSU). During my time at camp, Declan cared for Bear, taking him on walks and doing quick training sessions and putting him through some photo shoots (see the above cigarette pic and the “smiling” pic from last post). And camp 1 was a small neighborhood camp, traveling around Portland, PDXplore.

Games at PDXplore (Dec slowed down with air friction)

Games at PDXplore (Dec slowed down with air friction)


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