Two Years

IMG_20140508_153544505_HDRMay 2nd, Bear’s birthday. I’m embarrassed to say I know his birthday. We had a big party. Invited his doggy friends. They all frolicked in the yard and enjoyed dog treats.

We didn’t. We have kids that take up all our spare energy, time, and money. And throwing a party for Bear would just confirm for Maggie that we love him more than our children. Which is not true. Most of the time.

But Declan did slather some peanut butter on one of his bones as a special birthday treat.

IMG_20140503_144328180Bear’s area of unpredictability remains signaling for low blood-sugar. He will occasionally have a true positive signal. But he will also have quite a few false negative. A false negative for Bear is inaction when someone is low. Last week this happened three mornings in a row. We must have had Maggie’s lantus dose too high. Every morning she was waking in the 50s or 60s. Nonchalantly, she would test and quietly get a juice. I’d miss the opportunity to train Bear on a live scent, which I believe was Maggie’s intent by quietly testing. All the while Bear remains more nonchalant than Maggie belly up on the couch.

Bear has also had several false positives signals. This occurs when Declan (never Maggie) checks his blood sugar. Bear comes over when he sees me standing with Declan at the counter. Maybe he is picking up on our posture because he certainly is not picking up a scent as Declan is in range.

Backseat: Syringe, insulin, kit, Nerf gun, and dog hair.

Backseat: Syringe, insulin, kit, Nerf gun, and dog hair.

However, there have been several live alerts. The other morning Bear barked out at five in the morning. Declan was in range, but two doors down, Maggie was 63.