Why we are doing this

We are a pretty normal family: three kids, two cats, and now one puppy.

We are also pretty unusual in that two of our children have Type 1 Diabetes.  They were diagnosed in early grade school, first grade and kindergarten.  We have managed the diabetes pretty well with quarterly checkups, constant blood sugar testing, and insulin injections.

In the spring of 2011 we read an article in the local paper about a woman that trains dogs to signal when someone is having a low or high blood sugar.  After a year of contemplating, discussing, and finally deciding, we have taken the first step in training a dog to help manage the blood sugar levels for Maggie and Declan.

We picked Bear up on July 1, 2012, from the breeder, Janiece.

This is the story of Bear and how we are training him.

Trainer: Kristin Tarnowski (Dogs Assisting Diabetics Foundation)

Online resource: Dog Star Daily


1 thought on “Why we are doing this

  1. I’ve heard some about these types of dogs and I have always wanted to learn more. I think what you’re doing is great, because even if we never have a cure, early control of diabetes can prevent so many other problems.

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